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Family Mediation and Support

At Blanchards Bailey, we work with families in the process of separation or divorce to help them find the most amicable solution possible for the children involved.

We understand that when the breakdown of a relationship takes place, the one thing people don’t do very well is talk and plan. Communicating becomes harder and this is perfectly normal.

When the time is right for you, our Family Mediation and Support team can help you work things out together for the benefit of your family.

Making sense of your situation

We take the time to truly understand your situation and help you and your partner start communicating in a new way so you can plan for a future apart.

The break-up of a marriage or committed cohabiting partnership is always stressful and we are aware of the potentially damaging emotional impact such disputes can have on children.

When children are involved, only the best will do

The uncertainty of life after divorce often causes children to worry. Emotional reassurance and physical comfort can come in the form of order and structure which is exactly what our specialist mediators can provide.

When the family unit they counted on is breaking apart, we are here to guide the whole family to reach joint decisions.

How does our family mediation service work?

Family mediation usually takes place with you, your partner and one of our trained mediators to help you decide what is best for you and your family.

Mediation is frequently more emotionally sensitive as it involves both parents exploring solutions for themselves and their family, facilitated by one of our mediators through direct communication rather than legal correspondence and negotiation.

Our mediators are all family law solicitors but remain neutral throughout the discussion, with the key objective being a resolution for you both and the family as a whole.

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