Blanchards Bailey demystifying GDPR for local businesses with local talks

Held at the Crown Hotel in Blandford, and hosted by Ward Goodman, Blanchards Bailey and Barclays partnered up to deliver a seminar about GDPR compliance and Cybercrime.

Paul Dunlop, Principal at Blanchards Bailey said:

“The impending GDPR legislation is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years, and from 25th May organisations in non-compliance may face heavy fines. We’re talking to businesses, helping them prepare and take the necessary steps to prevent themselves falling foul of the changes in regulation. It’s a tricky topic for many businesses who are unsure about how their data and marketing efforts will be affected, hence putting on events like this to clarify the major do’s and don’ts before the deadline passes.”

The event itself was well-received by a packed room of local business leaders keen to pick the brains to the gathered panel of experts, and it was clear that they left the event feeling less in the dark about the impending legal implications of the changes being brought into effect by GDPR.

If your business is in the dark about how GDPR will change the way you operate, please feel free to contact our team here, who will be glad to help. 

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