Business loans with Personal guarantees

If you are considering taking out financing arrangements to tide your business over during the current crisis, you may well find that your lender will require you to take legal advice regarding the terms of the financial agreement you are entering into. Blanchards Bailey LLP can assist with this. Our Company Commercial team has many years’ experience dealing with this type of advice and can give you the advice you require.

There will be an agreement that your lender will need you to sign (which may need to be witnessed). The solicitor giving you the advice may also be required to submit an undertaking to your lender that you have received the relevant advice and signed the document in his or her presence. To facilitate the signature and witnessing, we can arrange for a representative of our firm to meet with you in the car park of whichever of our offices is most convenient for you (Blandford or Dorchester). We can then arrange for all the paperwork to be scanned and either emailed or posted to your lender.

The time involved in reviewing the agreements and paperwork relating to financing arrangements will vary depending on the documents provided and your bank’s requirements. When we know what your bank requires we will be able to give you a price. 

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