Celebrating English wine week 2021

English wine has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades. We are not only seeing rapid growth in plantings and wine brands in the UK but the overall quality is on the rise too. Here at Langham Wine Estate in Dorset, we were named the Best Sparkling Wine Producer globally which is testament to the quality of the wines that we are producing. In general, English wine tends to be focused on world class sparkling wine produced in the traditional method just like Champagne. However, there is also a rising number of exceptional still wines being produced now too. We have excellent soil structure for viticulture here as well as a similar climate to the Champagne region of thirty or so years ago. One of the main reasons for the increase in quality is that there is more investment in the industry as it’s growing and more top quality expertise coming from overseas to work and train people over here. There are now over 700 commercial vineyards in the country, many of which have cellar door tourism options, so I would highly recommend visiting your local producers to see and taste English wine for yourself. 

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