Family Mediation Week

This week has seen an awareness being raised as to the benefits of Family Mediation. With the Courts under immense pressure and there being concerning delays at Court, many separating couples want to find another way to resolve any disputes that can arise when separating, which may include dealing with the financial aspects of separation or divorce and the arrangements regarding the children.

Mediation is about accepting there is or will be a separation and where two people want to sit down with an independent and impartial mediator, who can help the separating couple discuss and agree the arrangements. The Mediation sessions can be done in person or remotely via Teams.

There is no doubt that Mediation offers incredible benefits and here are 5 reasons why Mediation in family situations should be considered as an option:

  1. Mediation can save both time and money and is usually cheaper and faster than going to Court. Information is immediately shared and is open between the separating couple.
  2. The separating couple are in control of the Mediation process and their own outcome. They set the agenda for discussion and agree their own priorities. Focus is given as to what they want to discuss and achieve.
  3. Mediation with an accredited Solicitor/Mediator provides the opportunity to use their legal expertise to help resolve the issues. Whilst the Mediator must remain impartial, the Mediator’s role is to help the separating couple discuss and reach agreement.
  4. Options can be discussed openly in Mediation but in complete confidence within Mediation. This gives everyone the ability to be creative and think of varying ideas to make their new separation work best for them and their families. All discussions and agreements can be tailor made to suit what works best for their family.
  5. Agreements reached in mediation are more likely to work in the long term and be adhered to because the separating couple are deciding the arrangements themselves without something being imposed on them by a Court. Mediation offers greater flexibility to think outside the box.

If you would like to discuss Mediation and the process involved then please contact Laura Martin, who is an Accredited Mediator with the Law Society, on 01258 483605 or 

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