Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison agreed the main elements of the free trade agreement

Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison agreed the main elements of the free trade agreement on Monday (14 June) evening. Is this a good or bad thing for British farming and the consumers?

Amazon Original Clarkson's Farm is entertaining and informative - with Jeremy being the uneducated, unskilled, highly enthusiastic new farmer, with so much to learn.

The show highlights some real issues facing British farming, including the extremely rigorous production and high animal welfare standards farmers in Britain have to comply with, the level of care taken to preserve and help nature (normally to the detriment of yield) and how little profit there is in farming in a difficult year. Jeremy and his land agent, Charles Ireland of Ceres Rural LLP, discuss the possibly catastrophic issue facing many farmers when the forthcoming changes to subsidies happen. We link an article that Lily Hiscock of Andersons Midlands LLP produced for us, detailing the challenges farmers face. Click here to read the full article.

We know from some of our clients that when demand fell for milk, as cafés, restaurants and pubs closed, they were paid 10p per litre, which is less than it costs to make. You can't stop the production and furlough staff, as you can in the production of other items and it is not a product you can stockpile for another day. We hear how Jeremy's lamb was worth much less for the same reason, the amount of lamb available outweighed demand.

Many farmers and farming organisations are concerned about the new trade deal, not only because of the effect it may have on supply and demand, but also that it seems to support much lower standards, which is not good for the environment or animal welfare. The RSPCA diagram, highlights some of the major differences they have found.

As well as advising farmers, land owners and organisations involved in farming, we support, sponsor and promote eating locally sourced food and produce, with key organisations and initiatives such as Dorset Food and Drink, Love Local Trust Local, Dorchester Agricultural Society, Open Farm Sunday and CLA South West. Being educated and aware of how your food is produced, where it has come from and buying local, where possible, will help preserve our countryside and support those working in the sector. 

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