Seconds out, round two…

This is all feeling very familiar, but hopefully not for long.

The management team at Blanchards Bailey foresaw a further lockdown or partial lockdown and a contingency plan was put in place to safeguard against such an event.

For the last few months, to ensure an uninterrupted service for our clients and to adhere to social distancing guidelines, the firm’s office-based staff have been working in two teams; each team working set days in the offices. For the next month, those staff who can work from home, will do so. Our virtual phone system and cloud-based case management software allow our lawyers to continue working and to progress their clients’ instructions from anywhere in the world, if needs be.

Unlike the first lockdown however, we shall be maintaining a small group of support and management staff in all offices over the next month using the same team-based approach. Our office-based teams will process work and fulfil administrative tasks, but we have reduced numbers where we can.

In any case, these measures will ensure that the lockdown will have no impact on the quality or continuity of service our clients receive.

The obvious impact of the lockdown is that, as before, our offices must unfortunately be closed to clients and members of the public for the duration. This is to ensure the safety of our clients and staff and to adhere to government guidance.

Until 2 December, meetings will take place by telephone or video call unless exceptional circumstances necessitate a face-to-face meeting. If you believe a face-to-face meeting is necessary, please discuss your requirements with your contact at Blanchards Bailey. 

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