Katherine Hunter

Legal Assistant

Areas of specialism: Court of Protection and Elderly Client Affairs

Location: Blandford

Blanchards Bailey

Experience and credentials

Katherine started as a Legal Assistant with Blanchards Bailey in 2019. Within a short space of time, she has become a founding member of the Court of Protection and Elderly Client Affairs team, based in the Private Client department.

Katherine brings a valuable source of external knowledge from her time before Blanchards Bailey, having always dealt with matters that require a high level of communication, customer service, multitasking and attention to detail. Katherine now passionately applies these abilities to her Blanchards Bailey client base.

Despite the complexity and ever-evolving circumstances involved in Power of Attorney and deputyship matters, Katherine is skilled in helping those in vulnerable and challenging situations achieve their desired results. She’s also proficient in the appraisal and application of means tested benefits, funding challenges, external sourcing of third-party resources and general day-to-day running of clientele matters.

Working with Katherine

Katherine builds solid foundations for success – her clients can rely on open and honest dialogue, high levels of efficient multitasking and resourcefulness, all underpinned by a personalised but proactive service.

With these principles in mind, Katherine enjoys cultivating positive connections with external contractors and building strong relationships within the Dorset community, in support of her clients benefiting from the very best service in all aspects of engagement.

Blanchards Bailey

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