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Landowners with a focus on development and diversification agreements require exceptional legal counsel. With a specialist team and extensive understanding of the promoter and development sector, we’re dedicated to protecting our clients' rights and interests in the complex realm of land transaction promotion agreements.

We offer a range of comprehensive services tailored to the unique needs of landowners involved in:

  • Land promotion agreement
  • Option agreements
  • Sale agreements dependent on planning gain
  • Overage agreements
  • Landowner collaboration agreements

Our team possesses deep expertise in the nature of development agreements. This allows us to navigate intricate legal issues with precision and effectiveness – streamlining your experience.

Our dedicated team offers comprehensive services, tailored to meet the unique needs of commercial businesses involved in land development. We have extensive expertise in contract drafting and negotiation, allowing us to articulate and define your commercial objectives clearly and succinctly.

As complex as areas of the development process is, our expertise lies in:

  • Establishing clear commercial objectives
  • Excellent and timely communication in discussions with partners, developers, or other relevant parties involved in the development agreement
  • Meticulous drafting and scrutiny of proposed transactional documents

How we help

By paying careful attention to crucial details, we create well-structured agreements that minimise potential risks and maximise the opportunities for successful development projects.

In the event of conflicts arising from development agreements, our skilled litigators are also well-prepared to represent clients in dispute resolution proceedings. With our strategic approach and a nuanced understanding of the legal process, we protect our clients' interests and achieve favourable resolutions through negotiation, mediation or litigation, where necessary.

We prioritise building strong lawyer-client relationships based on trust, transparency and effective communication. We pride ourselves on delivering personalised attention and tailored solutions, empowering our landowning clients to make informed decisions throughout the entirety of the development agreement process, contact us today.

So, how can we help?

Whatever your requirements, our team is standing by.

Blanchards Bailey
Blanchards Bailey

So, how can we help?

Whatever your requirements, our team is standing by.

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