Kelly Miller


Areas of specialism: Administration of Trusts

Location: Blandford

Blanchards Bailey

Experience and credentials

Since joining Blanchards Bailey in 2021, Kelly has assisted with developing (and now leads) our firm’s thriving Trust Team.

As an Associate Solicitor with over thirteen years experience in Private Client work, Kelly’s a specialist in complex issues surrounding estate administration, tax planning, trusts, Wills and Powers of Attorney.

As a result of her extensive experience, she’s a very reliable advisor in navigating the complex realm of trusts. Her comprehensive understanding of trust law, combined with her years of experience and client-centred approach, makes her a dependable resource for all your trust-related needs.

Working with Kelly Miller

Kelly always takes care to ensure you have a solid grasp of the legal complexities surrounding your trust arrangements. Her approachable and personable demeanour fosters an environment where clients can feel comfortable sharing their requirements and concerns.

She understands that discussing your financial arrangements can be daunting, but with her, you'll find a trustworthy advisor who listens attentively and provides clear, jargon-free explanations.

One of Kelly's key strengths is her ability to tailor trust solutions to her client's unique circumstances and goals. She takes the time to understand specific needs, and her attention to detail and strategic mindset ensure that your trust structure or continual trust management will align seamlessly with your long-term objectives and meet all necessary legal formalities.

Kelly collaborates seamlessly with financial advisors, accountants and other experts to ensure a holistic approach to your trust planning and management. This integrated approach helps you maximise the benefits of your trust.

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